Review of Web Wednesdays

Today we saw the introduction of the Wordle and the Ngram.  Both interesting tools, no doubt about that.  The Wordle is a program that takes a slew of texts and arranges the most prominent words in that text into a eye-pleasing image, one whose arrangement is based on the frequency of the individual words in question.  For example, one of the largest word in my Wordle was “Jupiter”, the name of one of the main characters in my story.  The Ngram, on the other hand, is a tool that analyzes word frequency data in published literature over time and expresses the data in line graph form.  You can search certain words in certain years and come up with some pretty impressive patterns.  I was very impressed by the Ngram.  It seemed like an extremely advanced system, one with a lot of educational background and purpose.  The data it spits out has historical definition, which is useful and interesting.  The Wordle, on the other hand, frankly, I thought just made a cool picture.

Review of Web Wednesdays

Overall, this is all becoming a little easier.  Last week, Web Wednesday was a mess, at least personally.  Scrambling, refreshing, opening and closing windows – I was like a neurotic mother trying to get all five of her webpage kids ready for school on time.   This week however, it was all easier.  I got on the blog, found the assignments, did them in a proper time, and even had time to spare.  It was actually very enjoyable.

As for fulfilling a learning objective, I think it’s fair to say that Web Wednesdays are definitely helping us to “Effectively use web-based technologies in order to read and publish academic writing.”  I don’t think that can be denied.  Today alone I used Twitter and blogs to focus on and practice writing, while doing so in a rather academic way.  Success.

When scanning through the list of available short stories one can’t help but notice the abundance of POE and his works.  It’s like the thing is screaming at me to do the assignment on something Raven-esce.  Need to look into it more though, obviously.

If that doesn’t materialize I’d definitely be interested in one of the stories categorized under “humorous”.  So often in an english class you will be forced to read text that is bland and boring, the possibility of a funny short story is very appealing to me at this early stage.  #winning

Indifference (Or At Least Masking It)

If I were to learn today, with nothing more than a glance, of your descendant from this world, forever as that fate always is, what would I say?  I’d step down from the platform onto the train and see a man with the paper sprawled across his lap, and I’d glance over to see all the news that fit to print.  I’d see your name and your face in big black text – you were hurrying they said – and you misstepped right into your untimely demise.  

I probably should not care, and I will not show to care.  I cannot care, therefore.  I will not make a fuss and mess and I will not jump about.  I will however, go along riding that car, with nothing more than a glance about.   

My 1st Post

As a writer, I’m encouraged to open with something witty and outlandish, possibly even elaborate and controversial, to hone you people in and turn you into readers.  I’m supposed to grab you by your corneas and never let you go, after that first sentence right there.


Funny part is, do you see how I called myself a writer?  Well I’m not.  I would love to be, and I’ve been told I can be, but I really have nothing to write about.  I’m a slab of peanut butter – with no jelly.  A chair with no table.  A promise ring without a finger to wrap around.  A billionaire without a credit card.  I’m a wanna be Jonas brother – with no Disney.  I’m also an annoying prick who uses too many metaphors.

Enough with all this talking to myself.  I need something to write about.


Joe Trezza

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